Monday, February 20, 2017

Staying in Stayton!

So we found out transfer information on Saturday night and.. we are both Staying in Stayton! We are both pretty excited about that! That means we will be here until that week after General Conference at least. I'm excited to have six weeks more to work here in Stayton. I know that you definitely are in certain areas at certain times with certain people for a reason. 

The week here was good. It kind of flew by. I honestly don't even remember much of what happened. We did a lot of walking this week and trying to contact former investigators. Brother Graham challenged us to make a list of 100 former investigators and contact them and promised us that we would find 10 people to teach from that list. So far we have contacted about 15 and have found 2 people to teach, so that has been awesome! Other than that, our week was good, nothing too crazy though. We had a good day yesterday. It is cool because when you are working hard and being obedient, the Spirit will guide you to people even if you aren't aware that the Spirit is guiding you there. That was the case yesterday. We met a couple of people in areas that we were not really planning to be, but we were trying to be diligent and were blessed for our efforts. 

This week, in my studies, one thing that really stood out to me was in Matthew 7:1. Firstly, it talks about not judging others or we will be judged. I am grateful for Joseph Smith and the Spirit of prophecy that he had though. In the Joseph Smith Translation, it says “Judge not unrighteously, that ye be not judged: but judge righteous judgment”. Something that I think Elder Oaks said was that we are commanded not to make final judgments, but directed to make intermediate judgments. We all have to make judgments every day, but it's important that we don't judge people by one experience or moment, but that we recognize that through the Atonement everyone can change. 

Today we had lunch with Sister

Coleen Copeland. She is an author! You should look up her books, they're kids books I think. We have Elder Radmall with us for a few days because he is going to be training and doesn't get his trainee until Wednesday or Thursday.

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