Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lots of Good Things Happening

The week here was good. It’s been busy and lots of things happening. We have been teaching a lot of people, which is good. We have three guys that we are teaching that are all doing good on their own right. Two of them are close to baptism. One of them is getting closer. He has been to church four weeks in a row and seems to like it. Josh told us this past week told us that he wants to be baptized, so that will probably happen within the next couple of weeks. 

We had a cool experience this week. We were in an apartment complex and saw a couple that we have talked with a bunch. One of them was on the phone and she was asking about an HDMI cable and how much it costs. We had an HDMI cable in our bag, so we pulled it out and gave it to them. This was a very big miracle in their lives. They saw it as a testimony that Heavenly Father is aware of them. We were able to start talking more and started talking about baptism. He has wanted to be baptized for a while apparently, but has to change because of the commandments. But they both accepted the invitation to prepare to be baptized on July 21st! So that was really cool. We are excited for them. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Cool Experiences

The week with Elder Nonu has been good. It’s definitely a learning experience for both of us. He is doing well though and he is starting to pick up the language better. It’s just different for him, not going to the MTC. We saw some cool experiences this week. We went to Costco for lunch on Thursday and while we were there, a guy working pest control came up to us and bought us lunch. He served a mission in independence, Missouri. He is only in Bend for the week. Well, a couple of days later, we were really late for lunch and decided to go to Subway (we really haven’t been eating out that much lately because we have been eating healthier.. ) but we got there and got into line and guess who was in front of us? The same guy! He bought us lunch again. It was really nice of him. 

We had a cool experience yesterday. We went in the morning to go wake up one of our investigators. When we got there, there were a couple of people outside. The natural man didn’t want to talk to them because we were already late to wake Eric up and we had church soon, etc. But we decided to do it anyways. It turns out that they were really cool! They had even talked to the Sisters the other day. The one guy asked pretty much why God doesn’t send anyone today because it’s a crazy world. So we told him how Heavenly Father calls a prophet and that there is one on the earth today and they liked that! 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Elder Nonu

My new companion is Elder Nonu. He is from Tonga. He has lived in Seattle for a year, but is not very familiar with America or the English language. We are working on his english and trying to help him to feel comfortable teaching the lessons. He has had a long journey in trying to come out on a mission, because of visa issues in the past. He is actually a few months older than me. And he came straight from home, not going to the MTC. But he is a really good man and very humble. I am excited to work with him until I go home. 

The week overall was pretty good. During the two days that I waited for Elder Nonu, I was with Elder McElreath and Schultz. It was really good. We talked with a lot of people and had a lot of really good lessons. We watched the Day's of Harmony video with one of our investigators, and then afterwards the Spirit really impressed us to talk about baptism. So we talked to him about it and he is going to pray about a date to be baptized. It was really good. We had a really good scripture study class this past week. One of our investigators, Eric, came to the class and after the class we talked about coming to church on Sunday. He works really late into the night, but he told us that we could come wake him up. So we went over in the morning and woke him up and he came to church for the first time! We were really excited about that. At church, Sister McCall bore her testimony, which was really cool to see! She has missed the past couple of weeks and bore her testimony of how she has felt the absence in her heart because of not being there, so that was good. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Training New Missionary

Elder Holt is being transferred to Lebanon to be a District Leader out there. He’s going to do really good at that. I’ll be training a new missionary so I will get him from Newberg on Thursday. It will be good. 
The Book of Mormon study class is going really well! We had almost twice as many people there this week and it was really successful. A lot of investigators came and they really enjoyed it. We are excited to keep doing that moving forward. 

The week here was good. I don’t have a ton of time to write today because we are busy packing up Elder Holt and everything. But the week went great. We met a really cool guy named Jason. He has battled some mental health issues for a lot of his life, so that has kept him from progressing much spiritually. On the day of our lesson, we talked to him on the phone to confirm and he didn’t want to meet any more because he read the intro to the Book of Mormon and didn’t really think it was for him. Elder Holt did a great job of talking to him and allowing the Spirit to work with him and eventually Jason reschedule for the next day. At that lesson, we realized how prepared Jason was! He told us that he wanted a moral compass for his life and he wanted to quit smoking and drinking coffee! At that lesson, we talked about baptism and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! Then in the next lesson he said, “So essentially in Mormonism you believe that your church is Christ’s original church?” That was pretty cool to hear! He’s probably the fastest I have seen someone understand that principle. He came to church on Sunday and had a good time. We had another investigator there on Sunday as well for the first time and he really enjoyed it too. It’s been fun here with Elder Holt!


Monday, May 21, 2018

Lessons Learned

The week went pretty well. It went by really quickly. The trip to Newberg and the mission tour was really good! Elder Whiting was a really good man and he taught us a lot. I learned a lot from what he taught and I’m grateful for the chance to have been there and learn. I think I learned the most, however, during a few minutes that President instructed us. President told a story that I have heard him tell a few times, but I learned a few more things from it this time. He told a story of when he was sick right before a Stake Presidency Meeting. Sister Tateoka had to take him to the hospital and he was in pretty intense pain, and he cried out to Christ just as Alma the Younger did when he saw the angel. It stuck with me a lot this week. I was thinking about Alma the Younger and what he said about his experience. He said that his mind caught hold of the thought (the thought being that of Jesus Christ coming to atone for the sins of the world), and that is what led to his joy and peace. 

Church yesterday was really good. We had a really good ward council and a great Sacrament Meeting. I definitely felt edified from church. I learned a lesson in ward Council. We are working on the Melchizedek Priesthood Rescue. We have a bunch of names, but were going to start with the first three. The third name on the list was a name that a lot of people thought had moved and wasn’t in our ward anymore, so we skipped to the fourth. Well... when church started, guess who showed up to church with his family? The third man on the list! His kids are not members, and after Sacrament, the mom asked if we could start teaching the kids the lessons. So we were excited about that!

On Saturday, we had a great experience doing a Book of Mormon study class. This was our first class. There were about 10 of us there. But it was great! At first, one of our investigators got sort of contentious. He sort of felt that God was both good and evil, but as we read in 2 Nephi 2, his heart softened and he totally changed his outlook! That was pretty cool to see. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day

We were all able to Skype with Jacob yesterday! It was great "being together" and seeing his smiling face. Things are going well as he finishes his last three months in Oregon!

The week here in general was good. It was kind of a slow week. We had an exchange this week with the Zone Leaders, which went really well. I was with Elder McElreath. 
When he first came into the mission, I was his Zone Leader in Keizer. He has come a long way. He is very loving and so it was good to be with him and be able to talk with him. Our exchange was really good. We had a really powerful lesson when we first started the exchange. We were teaching one of their investigators who has been struggling off and on but overall is doing well. The members in the ward did a really good job at the lesson bearing testimony and inviting the Spirit. We invited her to be baptized, but she didn’t feel like she could. Then the Spirit helped us remember a scripture to share with her and it was the perfect scripture for her. Her whole demeanor changed and she accepted the invitation. That was pretty cool! 

This week we are heading out to Newberg on Thursday for a mission tour. Elder Whiting of the 70 is coming to visit the mission. It will be really good to be able to participate in that. It will be fun being in Newberg as well. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Happy Birthday with a Baptism

The baptism went really well! There was a really good turn out from the ward once again. Angelica asked a couple of the young women to be the speakers and they did awesome. The next person that we were working towards baptism with, Crystil's neighbor, hit some major stumbling blocks and it has really halted her from progressing towards that. But the miracle is that she attended Angelica's baptism because she wanted to support her! So it was awesome that she was able to be there to hear the young women give simple and sincere talks. And the Sister Missionaries, during the interlude time after the Baptism while Angelica and Elder Holt had to change, taught the Restoration and so that was really good for her to hear as well! 

Overall it was a great day. That whole family is doing so well and we are really excited for them. The rest of the week was pretty good. I don't remember a ton of what happened though. But overall it was good! We had an exchange with the Cascade Crest Elders, which was good. During the exchange, we were biking and saw someone far away so We went over to talk to them. They were getting in their car and weren't interested, but as We were about to leave, someone behind us starting talking to us. She is not a member, but her husband is and they have been taught off and on by some other Elders nearby. So we were able to have a good conversation with her ans encouraged her to start meeting with them again. I believe that the elders said that she came to church this week so that was good! We also had a great lesson this week with a less active sister that we are teaching. She has had such a strong desire to get on track and so it has been really great to see her progression. She has been to church three weeks in a row and is changing a lot! 

Brother Sauter from the ward brought Jake a cake and ice cream for his birthday on Saturday!