Monday, January 9, 2017

Lots of Good Things Happening

 This week was interesting. It started snowing on Saturday, so we were not allowed to use our cars on Saturday and Sunday. And then we got a call telling us that church was cancelled because of the snow/ice! (There was only about three inches, but it was pretty icy). I totally ate it in the snow yesterday! It kind of stunk because I'm not feeling the greatest and I was soaking wet, but I'm alive so it's okay. That was kind of a bummer because we really wanted some of our friends to be able to make it to church. We had a good week though. We do have 2 baptisms coming up. We have one on the 22nd, Nicole, and one on the 29th, Kennedy. Kennedy is the younger girl. She is a pretty smart girl. Her mom reminds me of Ginger. It has been really cool to see them begin to embrace the gospel again as a family and the impact that it is having. We met Nicole about 3 weeks ago. She is the most prepared person that I have met so far on my mission. She is already about halfway through the Book of Mormon and has accepted everything in stride. She is the one that bore her testimony last week on her second Sunday at church! We are really excited for her baptism coming up in a couple of weeks. We planned a temple trip to go visit the visitor's center the day before her baptism, so that will be awesome! We have a temple trip planned with a couple that we are teaching for this weekend as well. We are really excited for them to be able to feel the Spirit that comes from just being on the temple grounds. 

One thing that I studied this week was conversion. Life is sort of like walking on one of those flat escalators in the airport. But it is like walking against the flow of the escalator. Conversion takes effort! You have to give constant effort towards becoming more and more converted to the Savior, and ultimately fulfilling your divine destiny. But the moment that we stop doing the little things and stop putting the effort in, we go backwards. It is really easy to go backwards. We have to make sure that we are constantly focusing on giving effort too becoming more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and doing His Father's will. We can't get complacent or we will go back really quickly! 

Another thing that I really liked in my studies was when I was reading in Ether about weaknesses. The Lord gives us weaknesses so that we can be humble and grow (Ether 12:27).. But it is up to us to recognize our weaknesses and go to our Father in Heaven for help to overcome those weaknesses. If we do that, then those weaknesses will become strengths. In Ether 12:37, Christ tells Moroni that because he was able to see his weakness (which in turn led to repentance, asking for strength and divine help, basically just being humble), he was going to be blessed with "sitting down in the place which I have prepared in the mansions of my Father". This made me think about my weaknesses and what I need to do and change to be more humble before the Lord and have an opportunity to receive that same blessing as Moroni. 
Transfers are tomorrow. Elder Pinkston and I will be here another 6 weeks at least (no surprise because training is 3 months). I found out that Elder Hala will be in our zone which will be cool. Our ward mission leader is excited that we will be here longer.

We also got a ton of big news on Thursday. Firstly, we are now able to view our emails throughout the week! We just can't respond to them until p-day. That was kind of surprising, but still pretty cool to hear! So if anyone ever gets bored and wants to send me a quick email of randomness, that would be sweet! We are also now having interviews with President Tateoka once every transfer rather than about every 2 or 3 transfers, so that will be awesome to get to talk with him more and more. We also found out that we are having a worldwide missionary broadcast on the 25th, so I am really excited for that!  And they added two new books to our approved missionary library here in the mission: The Power of Everyday Missionaries & Miracle of Forgiveness. 

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