Monday, September 26, 2016

Growth outside of our Comfort Zone

I can't believe that the stake is getting reorganized! That is really crazy! One of my favorite things that I heard at the MTC was "there is no growth in a comfort zone and no comfort in a growth zone". That will definitely be true for you guys back home when the changes take place, but I am sure that it will be for the good. I know that that is definitely true for me. It is not always easy to talk to everyone that you know, but I know that each time I open my mouth, I am growing a little bit more and more. I am still not perfectly comfortable doing it, but I know that I am growing by doing so!

I really can't wait for this weekend to be able to sit down and watch all 5 sessions of conference! Ever since listening to talks every day at work at 3G I have really come to appreciate conference talks more. They are so good and so inspired for us. It is literally scripture for our day, which is awesome to think about. (I can't wait to get my iPad in a couple of weeks to have a little more access to talks so that I can read them and listen to them). We actually had a cool story with the Women's Conference. We were at an appointment with a girl named Tracie and her future mother-in-law Pearl. They had heard about the session of conference earlier in the week and wanted to go. Keep in mind this was about 3 oclock and conference started at 5. And the Stake Center is in Redmond, which is about 40 minutes away. So we called one of the members in our ward, and she ended up taking them down there. It was awesome to see how willing our ward members are to serve! Tracie and Pearl ended up loving it and came to church the next day. Our ward is super cool. The Bishop is an awesome guy and it really sprinkles down from there. 

We have been super busy this week. We have started to walk and bike more, and this has given us an opportunity to talk to a lot more people on the street. Like I said earlier, it isn't always easy to open your mouth, but I am starting to realize how important it is. At a lesson yesterday, our ward mission leader made a comment to the couple that we were teach that "Heavenly Father promised you that he would give you an opportunity to hear the gospel". That really stuck with me. I know that if I don't open my mouth, I am not allowing others to get their chance. So it is definitely a goal of mine going forward to talk to everyone. We had splits on Wednesday with the Zone Leaders, and Elder Sawada who I was with was awesome at that. I know that over time, if I put my trust and faith in the Savior, it will become more comfortable. 

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