Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First Week in Madras, Oregon

This week has been crazy. Leaving the MTC was a lot harder to do than I would have imagined. As a district, we became really close, so leaving was tough! But I am excited to be here. Our first day here was pretty long. We got to the airport and then took a 2 hour drive to the beach to see the 4th largest "haystack" rock in the world out in the ocean. They talked about how Christ is our rock and how if we rely on him with faith then we will be able to withstand anything that Satan throws our way. We also "buried our fears" in the sand, which was a very cool experience. 

The next day I got my companion. Elder Halaeua. He is Tongan and is from Murray Utah. He is a really cool guy. Very fun loving and outgoing. I am serving in a tiny town called Madras. It is about 4 hours from the mission home. There are only about 6000 people out here! But it is cool to be in a smaller area. We have been really busy. And we have had some awesome experiences that have come from listening to the Spirit. 

On Friday, we had a little bit of extra time to spare so we said a prayer to know where to go. After praying, we felt prompted to walk down a certain street. We made a couple of street contacts but with no luck. As we were walking back to our car though, we found a guy in his front yard who wanted to learn more. As we were teaching him, a random guy on his bike pulled up and said, "I have read that book cover to cover. I know its true! I have been looking for you guys in the white shirts for 6 years!" That experience was such a testimony builder that Heavenly Father listens to us and guides us through the Holy Ghost! 

I am really excited to be serving out here in Madras. We are teaching some people and have been making contact with a bunch of others. . 

Elder Halaeua and Elder Klima

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