Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Great General Conference and Staying in Stayon!

It's crazy that it is already April. Time;s flying. General conference was really really good. I really liked President Nelson's talk. He talked about how too often we refer to the Atonement and things, rather than referring to Jesus Christ. It is Jesus Christ who can help us, heal us, strengthen us, and succor us. His Atonement allows Him to be able to do so, but it isn't the Atonement that strengthens us, it's Jesus Christ! I thought that was cool. I also really liked Elder Ballard's talk. He talked about setting goals and making plans. It really made me think about needing to do some real reflecting and setting some long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals. And some Eternal-goals! And then making real, measurable plans that will allow for me to be able to work towards those goals. We set goals a lot as missionaries, but if you're not focused on achieving those goals and making plans to do so, it becomes very easy to just lose track and focus of them. Really, all of the talks were really good. Priesthood session was awesome. One of my favorite talks of all, though, was the talk given by the prophet on Sunday morning. He shared a really powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and the power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon. I thought it was really cool that President Monson shared this with us, because he obviously isn't doing too great in health. But he felt it that important to share with the world a message about the Book of Mormon. It makes me want to get more out of my Book of Mormon study! I'm grateful for President Monson and all of His service. He is truly the living prophet of God on the Earth today and it's a privilege to be able to hear his words! 

I will be staying here in Stayton. Elder Pinkston is going to be getting transferred into Albany. It'll be weird to be in Stayton without him, but I am glad that I am staying. I'm excited to be here. My new companion will be Elder Smith. He has been in the field as long as Elder Pinkston. He's most recently from Gilbert. 

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