Monday, March 6, 2017

11 People at Sacrament Meeting!

The week here went really well. The biggest miracle that we saw this week was that we had 11 people we are talking to at Sacrament Meeting. That was really really cool to see. There's such a special Spirit during the Sacrament meeting that can be felt simply by being in that meeting. We had a few people that we totally were not expecting, which was an awesome surprise! 

A couple of weeks ago, we met a man outside working on his truck. We shared a little bit with him and he said that we could stop by in the future and if he was home we could share a message with him and his family. Last Monday, we received a referral from a missionary in the Philippines. He sent us to his moms house, who is a less active member. Well, we pulled up to the house.. and it was the same one that we met the other guy at! Long story short, this missionary's mom hasn't been to church in a long, long time and she has three daughters who are 15,12, and 8 who haven't been to church before. The cool thing is that they came to church and loved it! So we are really excited to start teaching them.

I was pondering the other day the purpose of objectives and goals. In Moses it says that Heavenly Fathers greatest desire, His objective, is for us to be immortal and have eternal life with Him. But He knew that wasn't enough. There had to be a plan in place for that to be fulfilled. I've come to realize that I need to start creating objectives in more aspects of my life and then set goals and plans in which help to fulfill those objectives. The first one for me is to treat my body more respectable and so I made the goal of no eating out in March. 

One thing I studied this week was Jacob 5. I know this is mainly about the scattering and gathering of Israel, but I also found it to be really closely related to our Savior's love for us. In this allegory it talks a lot about how it "grieved the Lord of the vineyard" to see his trees perishing. And so he put in a lot of effort to try and make it possible for them to bring forth good fruit. That's what our Savior does. He is always there for us. Always trying to help. But we need to do our part. In the allegory it says that the Lord of the vineyard even asks "What could I have done more?" I am sure that that is how the Savior feels at times when we don't allow the Atonement to work in us. The real question should be posed by us. What more can we do? How can we let the Savior help us? 

This week should be good. We have interviews with President on Thursday. I'm excited for that! 

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